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Trulli The complex is made up exclusively of rustic traditional Apulian Trulli with roofs of stone tapering upward to a corbel vault. These come with a symbolic final stone, the zippus, often ending with a ball or other symbol. Due to their mode of construction in natural stone with massive thick walls round the houses offer excellent protection against the summer heat constant. In winter, the Trullo aside and hold the heat produced by a traditional open fireplace. These Trulli, however, are equipped with heating and ventilation system. "Trulli in Alberobello" offers a particular level of privacy and large gardens with their ancient trees such as olives, figs, oranges and almonds. Request may be provided with private pool (the size of ca. 6 x 12 m). The project of "Trulli in Alberobello 'comprises two separate areas of land: - The area "between the olive trees" located in the middle of a grove of olive trees with a natural step towards the respective landscape to which fits in a harmonious and decent; - The area, "panorama" with large private gardens located on a slope that offer a comprehensive view to the sea.




Trulli among the olive trees

Trulli tra gli uliviTrulli tra gli ulivi

Trulli panorama

Trulli panoramiciTrulli panoramici




Trulli a Selva di Fasano